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Serco manufacturing Unit
Products and services for civil and defense aerospace.
Aircraft manufacturing support;
Maintenance and repairs;
Design development;
Manufacturing of flooring, consoles and related parts.

SERCO Manufacturing Unit also operates in the industrial sector, offering the following products and services:

• Numerical Control (NC) machining of plastics, rubbers and foams;
• Cutting of letters, round cuts, low/high relief, slab cutting, specialized cuts;
• Fabrication of molds for fiberglass laminating;
• Lamination of fiberglass parts;
• Boxes, cases and containers in wood or fiberglass;
• Painting of metal and plastic items;

Serco Information Technology (IT)

Security and swiftness in treatment of technical publications;
Reproduction of technical publications, manuals and documents;
Translation and revision of technical manuals/documents;
Compilation of manuals;
Management of client databases;

Serco Human Resources

Specialized professionals at EMBRAER aircraft and also military aircraft such as NORTRHOP F5, LOCKHEED C-130, Airbus MRTT-Multi Role Tanker Transport among others.

Serco is well-known for managing specialized teams in the aeronautical sector.
We also cater for specific client needs in the energy and other industrial sectors.

Efficiency, quality and economy in contracting activity;
Team management in Brazil;
Team management overseas;

Serco Eurobras

SERCO Eurobras forms and manages highly-qualified teams for overseas operations.
Since 1997, the SERCO Group has provided support to almost 1,100 collaborators trained to operate in more than 35 companies in Brazil and overseas.
In 2001, The Group inaugurated its branch in Europe - SERCO Eurobras services the international market (most notably in the aeronautical sector).
Team administration and management
Recruitment and selection
Qualification and training
Preliminaries and requirements for traveling
Support overseas
Support to arrivals and departures

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